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The International Symposium on Educational and Commercial Development in Vision Care, which is going to take place on May 25-26, 2013 at the Divan İstanbul Asia Hotel in Istanbul *, is presented to you by the Turkish Professional Association of Opticians and Optometrists (TOOMAD), together with the scientific contribution of the Okan University in Istanbul and the General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Ministry of Health). The driving force behind this collaboration is to evaluate the status and developments of the World optical sector and to compare it with the Turkish situation. This international symposium is directed primarily towards all professionals and organisations involved in optics, schools of optics and optometry, as well as other appropriate health care professionals.

The first aim of the symposium is to evaluate, within the framework of global education, the growth of the optical sector, the competencies of optometrists and the general characteristics of optometry, how a collaboration of optometrists and dispensing opticians, their shared responsibilities and services, with examples from best practice-countries, and to find out the best possible ways to prepare the base for the near future.

Our mission: to raise awareness and to inform the society and the decision makers, as well as all involved parties about the evolution of the optical professions, the contributions of optometry in primary vision care, its recognition and practice processes, and the dynamics of commercial growth within the sector.

Featuring top-level speakers engaged in interactive panel discussions, the Symposium will discuss several key issues, i.e. the educational and commercial development process of the optical sector and next steps to take. Professional surveys taken before and after the event will serve as indicators about the effectiveness of the work.

We invite all colleagues and stakeholders to attend the International Symposium on Commercial and Educational Development in Vision Care and hope to see you in May 25-26 at the Hilton Convention Center in Istanbul.